Perilous Pathogens is a resource dedicated to fostering resilience of vulnerable populations, biosecurity preparedness and risk reduction, and scientific literacy
with respect to emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.

This site serves as the official blog for the Global Emerging Pathogens. Click here to redirect to our most recent blog posts.

Treatment (GET) Consortium – an international, not-for-profit biosecurity mega-group comprised of leading academics in the fields of biomedical research, public health, epidemiology, and community engagement. image4Formed in 2014 during the height of the West African Ebola epidemic, the GET Consortium was instrumental in mobilizing a concerted international response to control and combat the Ebola outbreaks amidst widespread panic and biosafety unpreparedness against the Category A pathogen.

The GET Consortium maintains an active role in promoting resilience and biosafety-preparedness across the African continent and beyond. Perilous Pathogens is a project committed to (1) informing the global public on the key biosecurity measures which led to containing the 2014 Ebola Epidemic, (2) fostering scientific literacy and understanding on topics pertaining to Emerging Infectious Diseases, and (3) popularizing our relationship with science as the world experiences socioeconomic and geopolitical polarization despite shared ecological, epidemiological, and environmental precarity.

This site is run by the Global Emerging Pathogens Treatment (GET) Consortium. If you are interested in joining our team as an intern, please click here. Kindly direct all applications and/or inquiries to our Junior Faculty Chair, Maureen Cowan, at maureen@virginia.edu.