Internship Opportunities

Interested in joining the GET Consortium as an intern? Apply to our Junior Faculty Internship Program now! (Clicking link will start a download).


The Global Emerging Pathogens Treatment Consortium (GET) is a rapidly expanding African-based scientific mega-group comprised of biomedical, public health, biosecurity, clinical, and community-engagement experts collaborating from around the world to reduce the vulnerability of targeted populations to emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases (EID) and other global public health threats such as antimicrobial resistance and the use of pathogenic agents as biosecurity weapons.


Formed in 2014, GET played a critical role in mobilizing the international community against the massive 2014 West African Ebola Epidemic. GET has several Biosecurity and Biobanking projects on the ground in West Africa, and is maintaining an active effort in research into EIDs and the evaluation of treatments (e.g. plasmapheresis) and potential Ebola vaccines in West Africa. The GET Consortium is additionally committed to Public Learning and Understanding of Science (PLUS), bio-statistical modeling, and has currently formed a new “one-health” working group in concordance with the United Nations global one-health approach.

The mission of GET is to promote the strengthening of all African stakeholders to gain the capacity for timely and effective mitigation strategies against emerging infectious and neglected pathogens and to give support to those affected particularly in regions with compromised capacity due to conflict, climatic variation or ecological disruption

GET organizes an annual international conference on EID and Biosecurity in Africa. The next conference will hold in Accra Ghana in August 2017. We are now recruiting university students and young professionals as interns to play a dynamic and creative role in the progression of our ongoing global-scale projects. Candidates will be admitted to the GET Junior Faculty group, and will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from science advisors, public health policy makers, community engagement experts, and a variety of academics that focus on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. Duties and responsibilities for the intern position will include:

  • Assist the team in undertaking research on topical issues as identified by the working group and faculty head
  • Assist in the design and planning of advocacy and communications strategy
  • Assist in writing, editing, proof-reading and designing of all GET publications on a timely basis
  • Actively involved in GET annual conference organization and planning
  • Ready to represent GET in conferences, workshops and trainings
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor or any Authorized Officer


Students and young professionals who are passionate about any of the following topics: biomedical/clinical research, public health/public policy, international affairs, biosecurity/biobanking, vaccine development, public learning and the understanding of science (science communication), biostatistical modeling, antimicrobial resistance, etc. Grant writing and manuscript developing skills will be highly desirable but not a requirement.

We also have a few spots for talented graphic designers, Social Media and Logistics experts.

Applications should be emailed to Maureen Cowan, Junior Faculty Chair, at

Link to download application form: GET Internship Application